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Hooch is a narrative based empathy game, set during the prohibition era. Revolving around a booze runner evading the law and the gangs to deliver their contraband to clients. The game will revolves around a character's story of how and why they became a Runner for the gangs in down town Chicago. In Hooch, players have to Navigate around the Police and get the goods to the Speakeasy, while avoiding danger.

  • Multiple Story options
  • Rich audio
  • Engaging Storytelling

During the course of the game, players are prompted to guide Vic our hero around the narrative and make decisions they feel will help Vic make it to the end of their run. Making the wrong decision will mean the end of Vic's dreams, while making the right decision will keep her moving forward to the next trial, as she tries to make her dreams in the big city come true.


Jacob Middleby - Games design, Story writing, Producer.

Blake Lavender - Games designer, Story writer, Artist

Hayden Ness - Programming, Asset integration

Francis Crisci - Audio, Project manager.

Charlotte Kippax - Voice actor

Owen Sillence - Voice actor


Hooch.zip 98 MB

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